An Enchanting Morning

Today my husband and I went to the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury. We come here quite often; it is a favourite place of ours. We sat on one of our beloved spots and for a while we enjoyed a warm cocoa drink my husband had prepared at home mixing dark cocoa powder and coconut cream in very warm water. The weather was pleasant and cool and there was a refreshing moisture all around us. The many different flowers and the array of different greens was stunning. Lovely birds gifted us with wondrous melodies and the occasional bee came near … Continue reading An Enchanting Morning

Waking up with my Kitty

Beautiful memories are forever: “Whiskers tickling my face Waking me up gently ‘Don’t miss the sunrise’ he says ‘Come and join the beauty of day’ he meows A paw on my lips Sweet eyes calling me ‘So much to enjoy, come’ he says ‘We’ll have naps in sun’ he meows Faithful companion by my side Master of love, teaching me ‘We’ll smell the roses and feel the wind’ he says ‘We’ll dance with fairies among the flowers’ he meows Soft silky fur on my arms Gentle purr warming my heart.” MaLu © All Rights Reserved Continue reading Waking up with my Kitty