Realizing Our Soul Call

Since I was a child, I believed everyone has a soul call. This was a powerful inner knowing that never left me. As the years went by, I realised that most of us feel the same way. In my soul call quest I came across guides that advised me to follow what made my soul sing. Yet, my quest remained, for I did not know what made my soul sing. It was not until recently that my soul call became crystal clear to me. Yet, the clues had been in my life all along. These clues lay unhidden in the … Continue reading Realizing Our Soul Call

Healing Powers of a smile

When we gift another with a heartfelt smile we are in truth gifting them with life force. Our honest heartfelt smile can change someone’s day from dark to light in an instant. A smile carries an enormous amount of power. I am referring to our inner power, our divine energy that finds expression in the outer world as acts of love of some kind. I was not always consciously aware of the power of a simple smile. However, there are moments in our lives which are beautifully tailored for us to expand our awareness. These moments are filled with grace. … Continue reading Healing Powers of a smile

A Better Tomorrow

Browsing through old photos I came across one taken last year at the end of summer. I smiled at the beautiful yellow ladybug photo. That day my husband and I went for a walk to the shopping village just a few minutes away from where we live. We sat on the garden deck chairs eating chocolate. It was a beautiful sunny day. The soft green grass beneath our feet felt grounding and soon tranquility embraced us. Near us many others enjoyed the peaceful garden space. I smiled at the lovely warm memory. After weeks of quarantine I wished I was … Continue reading A Better Tomorrow

Perfect Moments

Today my husband and I went for our morning walk. It is warm sunny day. The countryside is alive with beauty. We sat in one of our favorite places, surrounded by trees, lovely flowers, birds singing, insects buzzing and the occasional sweet bleating of a baby lamb and her mum in the distance. My husband passes me my thermal flask with delicious coffee. I pour myself a small cup of the delicious drink. My husband is drinking water, caffeine does not agree with him. He jokes with me about the coffee, he tells me I need a caffeine drip. This … Continue reading Perfect Moments

Beauty During Challenging Times

In his book “The Heart of the Shaman” Alberto Villoldo ends with a chapter on the daily practices of the Luminous Warrior. He speaks of the tree giveaways, Truth, Beauty and Love. It is beauty I want to give away in my post today. The world is changing us and may it be for the better. May we evolve together in compassion, kindness and acceptance and may the beauty we share contribute to the co-creation of a world of peace and togetherness. The following are a few of the beautiful moments my husband and I captured while on our daily … Continue reading Beauty During Challenging Times

We are the light

We are the Light. Seeing the light in ourselves and in others is seeing with our true eyes. When we feel hurt by others in truth it is wise to remember the impersonal nature of such actions. The light that we are does not hurt anyone ever for it is impossible. Who is them hurting whom? The active powerful archetypes forces that control our lives as human beings when working on the shadow aspects are. Forgiveness allows us to see how in truth no one has ever hurt anyone. Forgiveness does set us free from blame and suffering. Together in … Continue reading We are the light