Dancing with life

~ Chalice Well Gardens, photo taken by my husband ~ “Intimate and impersonal – this is the true nature of this Divine universe.” ~ Caroline Myss

When sitting in self-reflection, I look back at my life in awe at the perfection of both the light and the dark times. It is easy to do so in retrospection but, not always so when a storm is raging. Yet, practice makes perfect and so it is that nowadays when the rumbling of a storm approaches, I am already looking for the rainbows for I am aware that life enfolds as a beautiful orchestrated setup for our awakening.

The lovely great spiritual teacher Caroline Myss beautifully puts the nature of the divine in words:

“Intimate and impersonal – this is the true nature of this Divine universe.” ~ Caroline Myss

Events in our lives are sculptured for our personal unique requirements for awakening. Great Spirit/ God/ Divine Mother and Father/Creator of us all, moves through our lives bringing us the unique situations that we and only we need to awaken. This cannot be more beautifully intimate; we are very loved. What makes our experiences intimate is also what makes them impersonal for the divine laws of universe are mathematical, players come into our lives purely because them can fulfil all the requirements for our awakening and we theirs. When our mind enters the realm of the divine, we discover the gift in each and every experience.

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do.”

~ Byron Katie

We are brought together in this dance of life to provide unique experience for each other. When we keep this in our hearts, forgiveness and compassion for all come naturally.

I did not always understand this intimate and impersonal nature of the divine. Years ago, when this knowledge was first revealed to me, I felt my heart dance with recognition. This was so huge and so freeing, my heart felt enormous joy and love for all in my life. The truth truly sets us free.

We are never alone in the dance of life. When we are open to guidance and trust our intuition, we we can hardly miss the hand of the divine in our lives.

Life can be a graceful dance through dark and light times.



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