Gentle ways of raising our vibration

Rosebud from our new roses ~ photo by me

Yesterday my husband and I spent some time planning new roses in our garden. They look lovely,  with their many rosebuds. I felt grateful for such a lovely sunny day and I found myself praising the beauty of our new roses. A feeling of inner peace and tranquillity settled around us.

We are souls living a human experience, so I hardly think we need to raise our vibration. We are already love, created by love and this we must remember. Raising our vibration is simply allowing our soul to shine through us.

Our work is to let go of our densities for they obscure the light of the soul, very much like a cloudy day blocks the sunshine.  

Nurturing an attitude of gratitude and praise is one of the most gentle ways to allow our natural divine vibration to shine.

Gratitude requires us to be aware of the perfection of life and of the gift in every challenge.

Gratitude requires us to be present.

Gratitude requires us to not take anyone or anything for granted.

Gratitude requires us to think with our divine mind.

Praise requires us to be aware of the beauty that surrounds us, of the gifts in others, of the stars at night, of the lotus flower glowing in every heart.

Praise requires our presence.

Praise requires us to see with the eyes of the heart, our divine eyes.  

Gratitude and praise inevitably awaken in us our innate ability to love all life unconditionally and as we do, we lighten the way for others to follow, very much like candles in the dark.

Thank you to all bloggers for sharing so much beauty, hope, and wisdom.  

One candle can empower many to light their own candles.



9 thoughts on “Gentle ways of raising our vibration

  1. MaLu, may the flame of our loving true selves grow with the sacred breath and may multitudes of kinderd souls unite to share the breath that spreads this sacred love around this beautiful world. Thank you!

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