Synchronicity a Language from Above

Flowers and butterfly near the Chalice Well Peace Gardens by me – “Synchronicity is God sending us messages anonymously.” ~ Deepak Chopra

My first encounters with synchronicity came from when I was a child through stories my mum used to tell.

One such stories particularly touched my heart:

Many years ago, as a primary school teacher just fresh from graduation, my mum was placed in a very remote village of the country where I was born. This particular village was so remote that they did not even have electricity. The only entertainment my mum had in her spare time was her radio and her beloved books. She wholeheartedly dedicated herself to teaching these children. In awe they would listen to my mum speak about the sea and other wondrous things we take for granted. Yet, no matter how much she cared for these children it was clear to my mum that they were at an academic disadvantage.  

At the end of the year there were exams to pass and often my mum my kept the children at school for extra hours to prepare them better. Needless to say, the parents loved this young dedicated teacher.

The exams took place in the school of a nearby village and to get there my mum and the children had to walk quite a few kilometres. There was no other transport.

Despite the hard work, this particular year my mum was aware her children were poorly prepared. So, she prayed for help and help came. On the way to the examining school my mum played a game with the children. She picked up the study book and opened it blindly. She proceeded by reading the text and asking the children to spell the difficult words and interpret the text, both in meaning and grammar. She made it fun for all. They had a peaceful fun learning walk.

When the children sat that late morning at their desks to my mum’s wonderment, she saw the text in the exam paper was the same exact text they had all played with.

I never forgot this beautiful story and across the years it was always with awe that I noticed synchronicity in my own life and the life of others.

Yet, there were periods that I wondered where guidance was. Eventually I understood that those periods coincided with my times of struggle. However, I noticed that it was not the struggle that caused me to not see synchronicity but rather my living in the past.

Last year, during the difficult last months of my sweet Chicky’s life synchronistic events were plentiful. It was so remarkable that I wrote it all down and will share sometime. This reinforced  my belief that synchronicity is not absent during struggle but rather missed by us when we battle in the past.

A week ago, I finished reading the book “Invisible Acts of Power: The Divine Energy of a Giving Heart” by Caroline Myss. The following is a quote from the book that made me understand what happens to synchronicity when we are in the past.

“As a medical intuitive, I have learned that people who are stuck in the past are hampered in their ability to live and to make decisions. They can’t retrieve their energy from their history, and their lack of energy keeps their minds, bodies, and spirits from working together; it also makes them slower to heal. To have your spirit spread out across forty years of history, still “processing” experiences that are decades old, drains your life force. I call this “psychic weight,” and the more psychic weight you have in your mind and heart, the longer you have to “wait” for things to happen in your life, including spontaneous forms of assistance coming to you when you need it. When your past is more alive and real to you than the present, synchronistic events are less likely to come together, if for no other reason than you lack the power to recognize them or take advantage of their appearance.”  from “Invisible Acts of Power: The Divine Energy of a Giving Heart” by Caroline Myss

Being in the present is being in sacred time.

Blessings of love to all from the heart


6 thoughts on “Synchronicity a Language from Above

  1. I’m in happy tears! Your mom is Divine. As my dad is also a teacher, and I’m from a local suburban Indian town, I can totally understand the struggles by your mom. I had the privilege to go to a “better” school but I’ve seen my dad’s own students and their struggles to get educated. Your mom was a Warrior of Light. Please convey this to your mom in your prayers! ❤✨I’m blessed.

    I was just today contemplating on synchronicities.. The Truth that seems to unfold now, has been shown to me a few years ago. But, I didn’t have the right eye to see.

    I’m still flooded with a lot of synchronicities and I do not try to analyze them but sometimes it makes me feel impatient about not knowing things. Your blog reminds me to live more and more fully and consciously in the present moment. Thank you so much. Thank you!!!


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    1. Velu, thank you for your loving words, means so much. I will convey your message to my mom in my prayers, thank you from the heart 💗🙏🏻💗 I know what you mean by flooded with synchronicities, when my Chicky was ill I felt like that and had to write it all as a result. It sounds like you are in the flow of the divine 💗🙏🏻💗 Many blessings your way.

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  2. This is wonderful, MaLu!!! I LOVE the story of Your sweet Mother and her students. That’s brilliant! Thank You for sharing Your experience/observations as well. I so agree. I’d never associated it with being stuck in the past though. Makes complete sense! I hope Y’all are having a wonderful week! Cheers and Hug hugs!!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼

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