Magical Child Within

White roses from my garden, pic by my husband – “Unless we can be like children, we can’t be happy.” ~ Marianne Williamson

As I entered the fascinating world of archetypes under the guidance of the wonderful spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, with delight I noticed the Magical Child.

Archetypes are collective unconscious forces that contain both light and dark expressions, they are part of our collective psyche and they are so powerful that we are at their mercy. From my experience, becoming aware of these forces and how they express through us assists us in our awakening journeys.  

Caroline Myss speaks about four survival archetypes and how they are in all of us, the child is one of them. The child survival archetype can express as the magical child, the wounded child, the invisible child and the abandoned child and possible more, I am no expert on this matter.

I see the magical child as part of the light aspect of this powerful survival archetype. In my heart I believe that nurturing the magical child can help us heal the sorrowful archetypal child within us and  bring in more light into this world.

Sometimes it takes a bit of investigating to find how this magical child expresses in each one of us. A trip down memory lane can assist us to recall these lovely expressions .

For me it was very simple:

As a child, at home, during warm summer nights, I would stare at the stars and the moon with wonderment. The beauty of the night awoke the magical child within me.

On a rainy day, coming from school, I would swing my small umbrella all around me in a crazy joyful dance, as the rain drops fell on my face and left me giggling with joy.

Near trees the magical child within me would invariably take over and with utter reverence I would talk to them, sharing my day and feeling their strong and kind presence acknowledging me.

Even to this day the magical child within me finds joys in the night sky, in the rain and in nature. Look within and allow that magical child to show you how this world is beautiful.

The magical child in us lives in Sacred time for he is fully present. So it is that by nurturing this powerful magical child within us we open ourselves to noticing synchronicities, to hear our intuition and to feel with discernment.

The magical child lives in the light and brings more light into this world. This child within us knows the divine lives in all existences, it is life, it is us.

May the magical child in you be a source of joy and healing.

Many blessings


11 thoughts on “Magical Child Within

  1. I can identify with this great post.
    Often the things that brought us enjoyment as children are things that we enjoy throughout our lives.
    I also enjoy the sky, and also I like watching clouds. 🌷🤗

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