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Sitting With A Lotus Flower

Sitting with a lotus flower is where I share my daily life with all the musings it may inspire in my heart. I feel this blog is an important part of my present journey of being brave by sharing how I am walking the peaceful way, the beauty way, the sacred way of being true to my heart and soul. It may come quite natural to many to share the intimate parts of their journeys but to those like me it feels like walking naked into the world. Being highly introvert, and highly sensitive with empath qualities is part of the reason why this blog feels like exposing myself. It is very inspiring to read post from others that are on doing the same. As the The Course in Miracle teaches in my defenseless lies my safety and I intent to develop the ability to be able to walk anywhere and be with anyone knowing that I am not going to give away my power and lower my vibration. It turns out that I am finding people are kind and much more respectful of my sharing than I could have imagined. Thank you with deepest gratitude and appreciation.

Shamanic Times

Here I share my moments with Gaia and with our beloved Animal Guides.

Reiki World

I have the qualification of Reiki Master Teacher and here I share information on this subject.