Dancing on a Bridge of Light

This message was inspired by the book The Course in Miracles and the great spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, both have changed me forever and continue to do so. Forgiveness is a bridge of light between the truth of who we are and the illusions of who we think we are, between sleeping and awakening, between imprisonment and freedom. Forgiveness is seeing with Christ’ eyes, is seeing not sins but mistakes in perception, it is the means to dispel the illusions about who we all are. And so, I say that the one person we need to forgive is ourselves for … Continue reading Dancing on a Bridge of Light


“Whatever is could not be otherwise.” ~Eckhart Tolle Long, long ago I was a different person, back in those days life’s flow had the power to trigger within me the defeated warrior or, less often, the fighting warrior. Either warrior left me feeling exhausted. Transformation takes place, perhaps slowly at first, but with every step forward our willingness to consciously and lovingly participate increases. So it is that I came to understand that surrendering to life’s flow is the enlightened choice. As the great spiritual teacher, Caroline Myss would say, wherever we are is where the divine intends us to … Continue reading Surrender

Magical Child Within

As I entered the fascinating world of archetypes under the guidance of the wonderful spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, with delight I noticed the Magical Child. Archetypes are collective unconscious forces that contain both light and dark expressions, they are part of our collective psyche and they are so powerful that we are at their mercy. From my experience, becoming aware of these forces and how they express through us assists us in our awakening journeys.   Caroline Myss speaks about four survival archetypes and how they are in all of us, the child is one of them. The child survival … Continue reading Magical Child Within

Travelling Light

“Karma is the complete absence of presence.” ~ Eckhart Tolle Many years ago, I first came across the word Karma being used in a context of well-deserved divine punishment, such as an eye for an eye kind of justice. My inner guidance promptly gave me the red lights, within me there was no recognition of truth.   Knowing about some of my past lives only supported my inner guidance’s response. I came to understand that our unresolved issues, may they be from our current life or from pasts ones, are an energetic baggage that keeps similar experiences happening in our … Continue reading Travelling Light

We cannot fall asleep again

This post was inspired by the great spiritual teacher Caroline Myss. Yesterday, as I listened to Caroline’s beautiful message, I saw myself so clearly and with compassion I saw others too. I wanted to dance around the room because her message was so delightfully insightful of the process of awakening, I felt understood. Her message was like a sign on the road saying you are doing just fine. In these never-ending journey of awakening we come to realise there is no way back. Every time we expand our awareness, we turn on a new light that stays on forever. We … Continue reading We cannot fall asleep again