“Whatever is could not be otherwise.” ~Eckhart Tolle Long, long ago I was a different person, back in those days life’s flow had the power to trigger within me the defeated warrior or, less often, the fighting warrior. Either warrior left me feeling exhausted. Transformation takes place, perhaps slowly at first, but with every step forward our willingness to consciously and lovingly participate increases. So it is that I came to understand that surrendering to life’s flow is the enlightened choice. As the great spiritual teacher, Caroline Myss would say, wherever we are is where the divine intends us to … Continue reading Surrender

Magical Child Within

As I entered the fascinating world of archetypes under the guidance of the wonderful spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, with delight I noticed the Magical Child. Archetypes are collective unconscious forces that contain both light and dark expressions, they are part of our collective psyche and they are so powerful that we are at their mercy. From my experience, becoming aware of these forces and how they express through us assists us in our awakening journeys.   Caroline Myss speaks about four survival archetypes and how they are in all of us, the child is one of them. The child survival … Continue reading Magical Child Within


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman Inside each one of us lives a dreamer that believes in a world of peace, unity, beauty, and harmony. The dreamer within us sees hearts and souls rather than races, beliefs, countries or borders  or anything else that separates and alienates. The dreamer within us is guided by our soul, has an open heart and knows love is the only answer for love is life and life is … Continue reading Dreamers

Embraced by blessings

This morning my husband and I went to the Chalice Well Peace Gardens. As we sat peacefully listening to the soothing happy trickling water of this sacred garden, I found myself blessing the world with love and light. We continuously emit energy and so it is that we continuously participate in the dance of creation. Together we are co-creating this world of ours. Every thought, every uttered word, every action, every emotion and every intention are sparks of our energy that goes out into the world. What energy are we casting into this beautiful world, this mysterious universe? We are … Continue reading Embraced by blessings

Soul Powered

My power comes from my soul. I am powerful when I respect myself and others. I am powerful when I can walk away from abuse without judging or blaming. I am powerful when I search for the gifts in every challenge. I am powerful when I can with honesty look within and embrace both the ugly and the beautiful with compassion. I am powerful when I stop trying to control, fix or advise others. I am powerful when I let go of the past. I am powerful when I can set boundaries. I am powerful when I can count on … Continue reading Soul Powered

Eyes of Love

“Above all else I want to see.” ~ Course in Miracles, Workbook for Students Seeing with the eyes of love, seeing with Christ’s eyes is being awake to the realisation that we are all beautiful souls, all of us, for that is the essence of the soul. No matter how much a soul may be obscured by layer upon layer of density, within us all is the ability to see beyond these layers. That ability resides in our soul and can be reached with an open heart. Nowadays when someone triggers my ‘pain stories’, I rejoice for that is my … Continue reading Eyes of Love

We are the light

We are the Light. Seeing the light in ourselves and in others is seeing with our true eyes. When we feel hurt by others in truth it is wise to remember the impersonal nature of such actions. The light that we are does not hurt anyone ever for it is impossible. Who is them hurting whom? The active powerful archetypes forces that control our lives as human beings when working on the shadow aspects are. Forgiveness allows us to see how in truth no one has ever hurt anyone. Forgiveness does set us free from blame and suffering. Together in … Continue reading We are the light