Nurturing The Soul

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” ~ Rumi I am a soul that lives in a body. Albeit I will be in this body only for a while, I will care for it. Keeping this body healthy is important because I live in it. Caring for this body also means to care for the earth. The well-being of the earth and my body are inseparable. Somewhere along my journey I understood that the soul that I am has gifts … Continue reading Nurturing The Soul

Soul Powered

My power comes from my soul. I am powerful when I respect myself and others. I am powerful when I can walk away from abuse without judging or blaming. I am powerful when I search for the gifts in every challenge. I am powerful when I can with honesty look within and embrace both the ugly and the beautiful with compassion. I am powerful when I stop trying to control, fix or advise others. I am powerful when I let go of the past. I am powerful when I can set boundaries. I am powerful when I can count on … Continue reading Soul Powered

Gentle ways of raising our vibration

Yesterday my husband and I spent some time planning new roses in our garden. They look lovely,  with their many rosebuds. I felt grateful for such a lovely sunny day and I found myself praising the beauty of our new roses. A feeling of inner peace and tranquillity settled around us. We are souls living a human experience, so I hardly think we need to raise our vibration. We are already love, created by love and this we must remember. Raising our vibration is simply allowing our soul to shine through us. Our work is to let go of our … Continue reading Gentle ways of raising our vibration

Travelling Light

“Karma is the complete absence of presence.” ~ Eckhart Tolle Many years ago, I first came across the word Karma being used in a context of well-deserved divine punishment, such as an eye for an eye kind of justice. My inner guidance promptly gave me the red lights, within me there was no recognition of truth.   Knowing about some of my past lives only supported my inner guidance’s response. I came to understand that our unresolved issues, may they be from our current life or from pasts ones, are an energetic baggage that keeps similar experiences happening in our … Continue reading Travelling Light

Eyes of Love

“Above all else I want to see.” ~ Course in Miracles, Workbook for Students Seeing with the eyes of love, seeing with Christ’s eyes is being awake to the realisation that we are all beautiful souls, all of us, for that is the essence of the soul. No matter how much a soul may be obscured by layer upon layer of density, within us all is the ability to see beyond these layers. That ability resides in our soul and can be reached with an open heart. Nowadays when someone triggers my ‘pain stories’, I rejoice for that is my … Continue reading Eyes of Love