Synchronicity a Language from Above

My first encounters with synchronicity came from when I was a child through stories my mum used to tell. One such stories particularly touched my heart: Many years ago, as a primary school teacher just fresh from graduation, my mum was placed in a very remote village of the country where I was born. This particular village was so remote that they did not even have electricity. The only entertainment my mum had in her spare time was her radio and her beloved books. She wholeheartedly dedicated herself to teaching these children. In awe they would listen to my mum … Continue reading Synchronicity a Language from Above

Embraced by blessings

This morning my husband and I went to the Chalice Well Peace Gardens. As we sat peacefully listening to the soothing happy trickling water of this sacred garden, I found myself blessing the world with love and light. We continuously emit energy and so it is that we continuously participate in the dance of creation. Together we are co-creating this world of ours. Every thought, every uttered word, every action, every emotion and every intention are sparks of our energy that goes out into the world. What energy are we casting into this beautiful world, this mysterious universe? We are … Continue reading Embraced by blessings

A Vibrant Silence

Last year during our summer walks I would often tell my husband, ‘I will go into silence for the duration of our walk’. I was well aware that silence is a practice in many eastern spiritual traditions yet, I had never embraced it before. I did not know what to expect. What I found was amazing. Something magical happened during my silent walks. My mind entered a different state of quietness, and it was so spontaneous and immediate that I could not miss it. Soothing inner peace permeated my whole being and I found myself smiling for no reason. Around … Continue reading A Vibrant Silence

Gentle ways of raising our vibration

Yesterday my husband and I spent some time planning new roses in our garden. They look lovely,  with their many rosebuds. I felt grateful for such a lovely sunny day and I found myself praising the beauty of our new roses. A feeling of inner peace and tranquillity settled around us. We are souls living a human experience, so I hardly think we need to raise our vibration. We are already love, created by love and this we must remember. Raising our vibration is simply allowing our soul to shine through us. Our work is to let go of our … Continue reading Gentle ways of raising our vibration

Rest awhile among the trees and the flowers

“In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” ~John Muir Many years ago, my husband and I used to jog regularly. At that time, we lived near beautiful wooded areas where the wild life happily flourished. Flowing through these enchanting woods, a river added to the beauty and diversity of plant and animal life. The beauty of nature, the sound of the wind in the trees, the chirruping birds, the squirrels chatter, and the singing of the river, gently transported us to another world where fears and problems disappeared for a while. On snowy days, … Continue reading Rest awhile among the trees and the flowers

Missing you

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. ~ Lao Tzu Eleven years ago, on this day, 8th June, I lost my sweet loving mum. I miss our long philosophical conversations and her caring hands. My sweet mum loved flowers and animals, cooking and laughter. She taught me to read, write, pray, and notice divine guidance in my life. And so much more… Last year on this day while siting in contemplation at the Chalice Well Gardens mum sent me a vision of herself: She was young, no more than 30, and wearing a long … Continue reading Missing you

In the hands of a prayer

Since I can remember prayer has been part of my life, not in a religious way, but rather in a spiritual way. I use prayer as a conversation between me and my divine team and between me and Great Spirit/God. The soothing feeling that comes with praying has always left me serene. Recently, perhaps because of what we are all facing together, this pandemic, I noticed the power of prayer has become even more relevant for many of us. Many of the spiritual teachers that resonate with my heart have come forth with prayers and teachings on the power of … Continue reading In the hands of a prayer

Healing Powers of a smile

When we gift another with a heartfelt smile we are in truth gifting them with life force. Our honest heartfelt smile can change someone’s day from dark to light in an instant. A smile carries an enormous amount of power. I am referring to our inner power, our divine energy that finds expression in the outer world as acts of love of some kind. I was not always consciously aware of the power of a simple smile. However, there are moments in our lives which are beautifully tailored for us to expand our awareness. These moments are filled with grace. … Continue reading Healing Powers of a smile

A Better Tomorrow

Browsing through old photos I came across one taken last year at the end of summer. I smiled at the beautiful yellow ladybug photo. That day my husband and I went for a walk to the shopping village just a few minutes away from where we live. We sat on the garden deck chairs eating chocolate. It was a beautiful sunny day. The soft green grass beneath our feet felt grounding and soon tranquility embraced us. Near us many others enjoyed the peaceful garden space. I smiled at the lovely warm memory. After weeks of quarantine I wished I was … Continue reading A Better Tomorrow

Perfect Moments

Today my husband and I went for our morning walk. It is warm sunny day. The countryside is alive with beauty. We sat in one of our favorite places, surrounded by trees, lovely flowers, birds singing, insects buzzing and the occasional sweet bleating of a baby lamb and her mum in the distance. My husband passes me my thermal flask with delicious coffee. I pour myself a small cup of the delicious drink. My husband is drinking water, caffeine does not agree with him. He jokes with me about the coffee, he tells me I need a caffeine drip. This … Continue reading Perfect Moments